Port Macquarie Rowing Club

on the Hastings River, NSW

Wauchope CDRA Regatta 15/10/16 hosted by Port Macquarie Rowing Club.

Taree Summer Regatta 13-15th January 2017

Hosted by Port Macquarie Rowing Club & Manning River Rowing Club 


When you enter a regatta you earn points for your club and towards your personal point tally.

Each year at the AGM we acknowledge & award the efforts of our top point scorers for CDRA regattas (including TSR).

Point System

Win your race=4 points

2nd place=3 points

3rd place=2 points

Start=1 point

PMRC 2015-16 point score results

2016 Regatta Information

2016 Taree Summer Regatta

A Port Macquarie & Manning River Club Partnership

Fri-Sun 15/1/2016 - 17/1/2016

Distance: 2000m


Events: 96
Entries: 1166
Seats: 2869
Athletes: 559


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All competitive members of the club must become a regional competitor with Rowing NSW for insurance purposes. Click here to go to the Rowing NSW website.

Masters Age Categories

 A minimum age of 27 years

 B minimum average age of 36 years

 C minimum average age of 43 years

 D minimum average age of 50 years

 E minimum average age of 55 years

 F minimum average age of 60 years

 G minimum average age of 65 years

 H minimum average age of 70 years

 I minimum average age of 75 years


A Grade ..... 2,000m ....... 0.00 > 1.2499

B Grade....... 2,000m ...... 1.25 > 2.2499

C Grade....... 1,000m ...... 2.25 > 3.2499

D Grade....... 1,000m........3.25 > 4.00

Older Regatta Results:

2015 Port Macquarie Rowing Club Regatta

Sunday 11th October 2015

Distance: 800m


Events: 73

Entries: 283

Seats: 619

Athletes: 160

3 Rivers Mini Marathon 2015

August 30th 2015


2015 Taree Summer Regatta 

A Port Macquarie Rowing Club & Manning River Rowing Club partnership

Held on 9-11th Jan 2015.  


Events: 97        Seats: 3007

Entries: 1220    Athletes: 590 

Port Macquarie Rowing Club Regatta

Held on Sunday, 19 October 2014.

Open for all NSW Rowing members. 

Location: Rock's Ferry, WAUCHOPE.          Results