Port Macquarie Rowing Club

on the Hastings River, NSW


Are there any special requirements?

For your own safety, you must verify that you can swim 100m in rowing clothes.

If you can’t swim, you won’t be allowed in a boat.

Learning to row

PMRC aims to promote the sport of rowing & sculling within the Hastings.

We would love to show you why we all get up at dawn, even in winter, and meet at the boatshed for a row.

What a great place to live.  Come and enjoy your town from the vantage point of the Hastings River.

We offer:

  • Group & Individual Learn to Row programs over 6 weeks
  • Novice/intermediate coaching each Saturday at 8:00am.  

Not sure it's for you? Try a couple of sessions on us to see if you like it.  Contact our secretary and we will arrange to meet and greet you on the day, show you the facilities and get you out on that beautiful Hastings River.

After that, if you would like to continue to learn we will put you on a 6 week Learn to Row Program.

  • bright colours make you visible to other craft on the water
  • close fitting jumpers & jackets. Wear ones with zip up pockets.
  • avoid jumpers with open pockets or the oars get caught! 
  • a pair of old socks to wear in the boat
  • exercise tights or shorts
  • cap or warm beanie
  • thongs/crocs/aqua shoes while you get the boats on & off the water

6 Week Program

Learn to Row 

Want to learn to row?

We offer a 6 week LTR course with coaching each Saturday morning 8:00am.


$100 adults 

$50 juniors (12-17yo)

$75 students (Tertiary)

Please contact the club secretary if you are interested in the LTR program.


What you will learn

  • Off water technique- Ergo machines
  • On water rowing skills
  • Boat handling techniques
  • Safety techniques

Who can Learn?

Anyone – although generally our minimum age is 12 years old.